Reclaimed tree trunk tables from Nickadoo

Friday, April 22nd, 2011
Reclaimed tree trunk tables from Nickadoo

Sustainable materials are often far less eco-friendly than its creators would have you believe.

But these beautiful tree trunk tables from Nickadoo aren’t just made from sustainable wood, they’re made from salvaged wood.

The trunks are unwanted by-product from lumbering activity or collected up from naturally toppled timber.

Designer, Nicole Belanger, cleans them up without chemical intervention, kiln dries them for a month or so, and spruces them up (ho ho) with a fair bit of sanding and polishing.

The tables are finished off with some (non-toxic) sealant and some (locally produced) bees wax.

But — as you would expect from a self-respecting sustainable enterprise — you can only buy these legged logs if you live in Nickadoo’s native country of Canada.

Citizens in the US can buy reclaimed tree trunk tables from Real Wood Works on Etsy.

The rest of us can take inspiration from the concept — and others like it. Uvinyl has a blog post about how to turn a tree trunk into a table, and The Art of Doing Stuff has How to Make a Tree Stump Table. A Google search brings up plenty of places willing to sell eco-friendly sealant.

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[Via Dork Adore: Five Dorky Pieces of Furniture from the Future.]

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  • Nickadoo

    Hi There… Nickadoo now delivers Tree Trunk Tables to the USA via Canada Post ans UPS!

    • Katie

      Thanks for letting us know!

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