Slow Fashion – Katharine Hamnett’s retro-sexy swimwear

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
Slow Fashion - Katharine Hamnett's retro-sexy swimwear

Can fashion be slow? Absolutely it can. Just as there’s a vast difference between mass-produced, eco-insensitive and ultimately unsatisfying fast food and considerate, ethical, artisan-produced slow food, such is the difference between disposable sweatshop-manufactured fast fashion and slow fashion pieces that are made without exploiting persons or planet, and made to relish and last.

Katharine Hamnett is somewhat of a fashion pioneer in this field. From her infamous campaigning slogan tees in the Eighties (which inspired those prescient Relax tees) through to her current 100% organic, ethically-produced pieces, Hamnett has championed the meeting of style with conscienciousness.

Hamnett’s new Beach collection for Yooxygen, the eco department at high-end Italian online store, throws in retro sex bomb to that mix too. Fourteen Fifties-inspired pieces, from Bardot-esque bikinis to super-cute shorty playsuits, to “Save The Sea” maxi-vest dresses, will have you (slowly) reaching for the debit card.

Hamnett says: “I have called this collection “Save The Sea” as the sea that we all love is dying due to the impact of human activities such as oil spill, sewage dumping, industrial pollution, agricultural chemical fertilizers and pesticide run-off, lack of fish stock management and over fishing.”

With the tragic BP oil spill still top of our minds, never has there been a better time to turn our attention to caring for our oceans. And call me a slow fashionista, but I’ll be happier doing it in Hamnett.

Katharine Hamnett Beach for Yooxygen

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