Slow Food – Make your own ice cream

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
Slow Food - Make your own ice cream

If there’s one way to truly savour the joy of Slow Food it’s learning how to make simple, every day foodie favourites from scratch. I’m talking things like pesto, salad dressings, pasta, mayonnaise, bread obviously. Make it yourself and you’ll take the joy of eating it to a whole new level.

Life’s too short to make your own pesto, you might want to scream, as you race from meetings to pick up the kids via the supermarket.

But stop for a moment, you might discover that the half-hour spent crushing garlic, chopping basil, sloshing oil, whizzing and stirring, is all you need to relax after a tough day and to set the tone for a chilled-out evening.

With the sun sizzling the city, and holidays on the horizon, I have ice cream on my mind. I haven’t ever made my own, but it can’t be that hard, right? There’s only one way to find out…

Five fabulous Ice Cream recipes

Aaron Craze’s beetroot ice cream
From Aaron Craze, of Rude Boy Food, this ice cream will be as much a talking point as an eating experience. Beetroot is in season right now, so get on it.

Nigel Slater’s classic vanilla ice cream
I love love love Nigel Slater. Here he creates a classic with the finest ingredients, old-fashioned stylee. No bits, bobs, bells and whistles, just great quality vanilla.

Traditional Italian gelati
If you want to go hardcore Slow, try a fruit ice cream recipe from 1885′s anonymously penned Il Re dei Cuocho. Apparently the Italians invented the “art of chilling” and this technique will have you walking in the shoes of the old masters.

Delia Smith’s Lemon Meringue ice cream
Sharp, lemony and packed with meringue pieces. I’m a lemon meringue pie junky and can’t wait to try this one.

Cookingwithdog’s Green Tea icecream
Ok, I admit it, I’ve picked this recipe because of the crazy cute poodle, said dog in Cookingwithdog, that stars in the Youtube video of the make. No idea if the recipe is any good but that poodle’s so sweet!

Image: Joyosity

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