Slow Tipple review: FAIR. premium Vodka

Friday, April 2nd, 2010
Slow Tipple review: FAIR. premium Vodka

Nominated ‘Best tasting Vodka 2009′ at the prestigious New York Spirits Award in June 2009, FAIR. Vodka is the the first fairtrade certified vodka in the world.

The spirit uses grains of quinoa in its formula, combining the natural qualities of this small cereal from the South American Andes and the know-how of expert distillers from France. The spirit production process is the result of a two-years joint research by French distillers and Bolivian farmers.

Quinoa was first cultivated by the Incas for more than 5000 years in the Andes mountain range, and as an excellent source of protein,the grain has been the staple diet of Andean people for centuries. Surprisingly, it has only recently become popular in the western world, but over the past few years many have rediscovered its exceptional nutritional values and  outstanding versatility.

The quinoa used by FAIR. Vodka is cultivated by over 1,200 small producers in the Bolivian Altiplano and gathered within the Anapqui cooperative, the main association of farming producers in the country. With a strong focus on sustainability, FAIR is keen to build long-term relationships with their partnered cooperatives along with their communities in order to ensure their continued development

Tastewise, the vodka offers a clear and pure flavor, with a well-balanced texture and a light elegant finish. If vodka on the rocks is too strong, why not try out this delicious Caïpirowska cocktail recipe:

5 cl FAIR.Vodka
1/2 lime
2 spoons of fairtrade certified sugar
Cut the 1/2 lime in 4 pieces and crush in a mortar with the sugar
Top with crushed ice and add the vodka
Shake well and serve with two short straws.

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  • Camille

    Long life to The Slow Life Company…
    FAIR. has released another great product: the FAIR. Goji ( made from the sacred Goji Berry. A delightful base for Proseco cocktails! X

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