Slow Life: Gift a Stranger

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
Slow Life: Gift a Stranger

For me, slow living has always been about taking the time to put the brakes on and really savour what’s going on around you. Whether that be taking the time to enjoy a delicious, locally sourced meal, or cycling to a destination so you can enjoy the journey.

But slow living is also about being kinder and more mindful to others.

Kindness costs nothing… well sort of

This kindness doesn’t just have to extend to close friends and family. Gift a Stranger is a scheme that allows you to send a gift to a randomly picked individual anywhere in the world.

Gift a Stranger isn’t a particularly modern idea, as similar schemes were available before the internet kicked in. It’s also a common occurrence for Twitter users to swap products, particularly beauty bloggers in the US and UK.

But the difference with Gift a Stranger is that you can be entirely anonymous, making the act of giving an utterly selfless one. Addresses are taken from Google Maps, so a stranger is likely to receive a gift without even knowing about Gift A Stranger.

While I’m slightly concerned about such a scheme going on without some form of filter (what’s to stop someone sending something fairly awful to a stranger as a ‘joke’), the thought behind it is a generous one.

Gift a Stranger was put together by communications agency Happiness Brussels in an attempt to “spread a little bit of happiness in the world.”

Would you gift a stranger?

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