Give your bike a green clean

Monday, May 17th, 2010
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We all know that spring is the season for cleaning, be it your home or your body, but how about your bike? Well cyclists know good bike maintenance doesn?t happen in just one season – it matters all year around.

This is why jorg&olif is pleased to reveal a more environmentally considerate company that has created a product that helps us keep our bikes in tip top condition.

Simon Nash, a cyclist who has the desire to bike ?across the occasional river and in British weather – which usually involves lots of rain and mud? came up with the idea of Green Oil.

Green Oil is a thoughtful company that buys back its bottles and only uses sustainably sourced ingredients (that means petroleum-free!), after Nash realised the many potential risks of the usual ingredients within chain lubrications to both aquatic and humans alike.

The company offers a fantastic bicycle chain lube without the usual irritant or hazardous formulas that most bike oils have, while protecting the chain, gears, (and even the catches of your garden shed) from rust and corrosion. What?s more, it?s even won some awards, including the What Mountain Bike?s Gold Award. It contains ingredients certified by the Soil Association too.

If you?re looking for a sponge to give your bike the once over then there?s the ever-so-nimble EcoSponge, also dubbed ?the world?s first fairly traded bike cleaning sponge?. Biodegradable, it?s made from the Luffa plant in the Philippines. All you need to do is soak the sponge in water and it will magical expand into a durable and essential kit that you can rinse easily and use for up to a year.

Naturally, with a sponge you need a decent bike cleaner and Green Oil sells Green Clean, a natural cleaner that comes in one litre bottles with a nozzle that can squirt or spray, depending on your bike?s needs ? and for the muddier cyclists out there, you can buy refills!

You may want to try Ecogrease, a water-repellent, anti-corrosive and eco considerate grease that helps your bearings, threads and other bike parts from seizing up, and is also biodegradable. Plus there?s the Clean Chain Ecological Degreaser for the opposite effect. What more can Slow Travel cyclists ask for?

If you ever want to stop off on the journey to have a snack or you?re looking for clever methods to lock your bike and prevent theft, then the Green Oil website has some great product suggestions both in its shop and within its Green Bike Companies pages, so do check it out!

Image: ginnerobot

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  • Jamey Bernardez

    Hi This is a excellent website and found the page helpful,this will improve my cycling especially when im working out,cycling is the ultimate sport and no wonder why it has expanded in the last decade.

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